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To install AccessMonger:

  1. Download and unzip the AccessMonger file.
  2. Download GridMonger (get it here) and unzip it into a temp folder.
  3. Copy gridmonger.css and gridmonger.cfm to AccessMonger's /admin/ folder.
  4. Move all gridmonger subfolders so that they are subfolders off of the AccessMonger /admin/ folder.
  5. Edit /Application.cfm and specify your datasource name, email addresses, mail servers and url paths.  
  6. These installation instructions, login details and system links can be seen by running /index.cfm.

If you're serious about security, change all of the field names in the database and their references in the templates.  Rename all of the templates and the calls to them.  Bear in mind this is a published security product that anyone can download.  By spending an hour redoing the above you will only be adding to your system's overall level of security.



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