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Whats New?
  • Completely revised the administration area, which no longer uses a GridMonger-based interface.  Virtually all administration tasks can now be run from one of two multi-framed screens that place all pertinent information into one common view.  These dramatically reduce the steps needed to perform virtually every system operation, as well as aiding in comprehension and ease of use.  Minimum screen resolution for administrators is 1024x768.   
  • Since the admin area is now custom code designed specifically for AMPro, security permission requirements are now more thoroughly embedded in every admin template (including includes and module calls, not just top-level templates).
  • Changed how users are organized from a simple grid view to a hierarchical tree view.  Now you can organize your users into departments and groups that make visual, logical sense within your organization.  Further, each branch of the tree view can be collapsed or expanded as needed for fast and uncluttered display.  Your tree can have unlimited branches and be of an unlimited depth.
  • Added auditing to most administrative operations.  If someone moves a user, adds permissions, deletes them etc. there will be traces left in the system log.  Some operations result in complete data dumps to enable extensive activity tracing capabilities. 
  • AMPro's auditing code can be easily extended to cover anything you care to audit within your own code.  Simply add the custom tag call to whatever you please.  Develop your own optional datadumps as desired to your audit facility.
  • GridMonger data grids are only used in two places:  The detail/full view for the audit log, and the Forbidden Password List.  AMPro2 uses GridMonger v4.81, which is the latest version, previously only available to registered GridBuilder users.  Your AMPro license allows you to use this enhanced grid tool and its extended feature set on your own projects.
  • Error handling has been consolidated and enhanced.
  • "Roles" have been renamed to "permissions" in keeping with more common usage.  This is a change in interface only.  Existing "roles" from AMPro 1.x systems will simply be recognized as permissions.
  • Stored permission "bundles" have been renamed to "profiles", again to stick closer to standard, accepted industry terminology.  This is a change in interface only.  Existing "bundles" will simply be recognized as a stored profile.
  • It is now possible to globally delete permissions and groups across the entire user base.
  • It is now possible to globally replace an obsolete permission or group across the entire user base.
  • You can now specify more than one permission to apply to a rights check.  Simply specify the allowed permissions as a comma-delimited list, where formerly you specified only one.  This gives permissions an advantage formerly only enjoyed by groups; thereby allowing the developer more flexibility in application design.
  • Added discussion of Anti-Permissions and how to implement them, if desired, using AMPro code (thanks to a suggestion by Tom Nunamaker).

Registered Users:  Check the changes file in the distribution file for a list of AMPro's not-so-hidden Easter Eggs

v2.0 Build History

We've made a few changes, although they are, with one exception, relatively minor

Build 2

  • Fixed a bug in /inc_dictload.cfm (that actually went back to v1.0).

Build 3 (November 11)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented CF 7 users from getting the correct port assignment on development servers (CF7 no longer uses port 8500 on its internal web server)
  • Moved the GridMonger files to their own subfolder underneath the admin area for easy porting (you will also have to alter the paths in /includes/gm_tophtml.cfm when you port it somewhere else for another app of your own design).
  • Revised the user and profile creation templates that are located in the /toolbox/ folder.  These tags do NOT have restrictions on what kind of user they can create, and can automatically add a permission profile via the user creation tag call rather than requiring a separate call to the profile creator.

Build 4 (November 13)

  • Fixed a bug that crashed user deletions (a tag call in /admin/admin_master.cfm was left in from one of our custom AMPro projects)
  • /admin/group_boss.cfm -- the group manager (not a part of the AMPro file set per se) discussed in the AMPro group assignment tutorial was added back in after it was discovered missing in action.

Build 5 (May 14 2006)

  • Fixed a nasty bug where the current time was set in an application variable (all system settings were formerly kept in the request scope), which kept many time based audit functions from showing the correct entry time.

Build 6 (August 16 2006)

  • Removed the "unsigned" attribute from all mySQL integer fields to allow compatibility with mySQL5

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