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Version 2.0 (!)

Version 2.0 is here now, available to registered AMPro users only as a Technology Preview release.  Learn about it here, and see what the fuss is all about.

We will be rolling AMPro2 out in stages.  The first stage is the announcement of the product itself, and some quick looks at its slick new admin interface.  The next stage will be a Technology Preview -- Code that is fully functional but whose use we have not yet had time to document (more on that below).  The third and final stage will be release of AMPro2 documentation and official release of the upgrade.

The final decision on pricing for AMPro2 has not been made.  However current users of AMPro 1.x will have the right to a free upgrade.

Whats New?
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Upgrading From AMPro 1.x
Whats With This 'Preview' Business?

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