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User Arrives At Login Screen

When the user receives their email announcement from the administrator (or whatever notification method you choose to use) they can easily run through the password selection process (or log right in if the admin has not used the automated system and entered a password manually and notified them of same).

If however they get the entry wrong a message pops up telling them that they have ’X’ number of retries left before a lockout is implemented.

If incorrect information is entered into the login system, the user is given a total of 4 tries to get the job done right (the first try, and 3 retries). If the correct entry is not received after 4 tries, the signin dialog will be replaced with a message telling them a lockout is in effect. They will not be able to try again until ColdFusion expires their session.

Preventing Lockouts
A user who has forgotten their username or password can, at any point in the retry process prior to a lockout, go to the forgotten password screen and run through the password reset process


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