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Allows you to suspend (or enable) any operation for any period of time during a given day. Simply feed it a time frame (6:00AM to 7:00AM, for example). CF_Blackout will determine if the current time falls within the blackout period and return a variable telling you the result, which you can then use as needed. Does its work without loops or other memory-intensive operations. Originally developed for use with CF_SitePeeker, I felt the code behind it can have any number of uses, so its presented here in standalone form.

While designed to black out repetitive time periods on a daily basis, with very little effort CF_Blackout can be modified to work with timespans covering much longer durations since it uses ColdFusion's DateCompare function to do its core work.


  1. Upload it to your web site, either into c:\cfusion\customtags or the web directory of your choice.
  2. Call it as needed.

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