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Revision History
  • November 25, 2006
    • CMLite, which was a chopped-down version of CMPro code that was a few versions old, has been discontinued in favor of changing CMPro's licensing scheme.  "ContentMonger" will take it from here.
  • May 14 2004
    • Upgraded the editor to the current version 1.6.  This editor sports numerous new features.
  • April 21, 2004
    • Upgraded the editor to the current version 1.5.  The toolbar sports a new Print icon, and we have enabled the Form production buttons, so CMLite now supports a limited level of forms creation (although this is nothing like the powerful, flexible forms generator, processor and storage handler that is built into CMPro)
  • Feb 25 2004
    • Completely replaced the existing code base with a reduced feature set taken directly from the *current* CMPro code base.  Improvements too numerous to list here.  Download it and see for yourself.  Be sure to read /install/changelog.txt prior to installation.
  • Oct 8 2003
    • Incorporated the free, open-source FCKEditor WYSIWYG editor into CMLite.This copy has been modified to allow safe file uploads of specific MIME types, coupled to a file upload size limit of 3mb.  MIME types accepted and max upload size are set in application.cfm.  It also includes a customized toolbar that incorporates all of the editor's feature set.
    • Updated the install procedure.  The previous procedure required manual entry and pre-dated CFMX, which caused problems when running on port 8500.  The current self-running procedure uses code from CMPro to allow it to safely run in its entirety without any user intervention.  Just click your database type and you're done... a preconfigured system has been installed for you.
    • Lowercased the CF code for readability.
    • Added limited style sheet support.  Display alterations have been limited to allow developers to make whatever mods they need for their own projects.  
  • May 23 2003
    • The venerable -- and prehistoric -- CMLite 1.1 has been replaced by an edited version of ContentMonger Pro 1.10.  While CMPro is miles beyond what it was when version 1.1 was current, This limited version based on that framework is still a great platform for sitebuilding. 
  • Aug 14 2001
    • An expanding/collapsing menu system has been added, largely written by Joe Nicora and fully credited in the source.
    • The fully-expanded menu present in v1.0 is now a Site Map function.
    • Filtering has been added, along with a filter admin function, to make it possible to run multiple independent ContentMonger systems from the same database table.
    • The admin area now includes a CFGrid ''front-end to the back-end'' interface to speed repetitive chores. An optional CFTree-based interface is also included that can be used in place of the html-only version.
    • Query validation of numeric parameters helps enhance security.
  • Jul 13 2001
    • Initial release

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