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Is There a Demo?

We have taken the CMPro demo down. It was a version 3 demo and is being replaced by an entirely new system of audio-visual tutorials covering ContentMonger 4.30+

The first of these tutorials are available right now. Check back as more are added in the coming months as time permits. NOTE: These tutorials were produced with a pre-release version with slightly different admin area menus.

You will need a 1024x768 browser window and the Macromedia Flash plugin to view these tutorials.

  1. Running the CMPro Installer
  2. Changing the default SuperAdmin username and password
  3. Specifying your administrative email addresses and mail server
  4. Editing the Site Wide Header and Footer, and tweaking a few settings
  5. Editing and publishing content: Quick and Dirty Tour
  6. Creating a new page: Quicker and Dirtier
  7. Moving content
  8. Ordering pages automatically, or doing it manually with Slot Order
  9. Creating a form without programming
  10. Retrieving and processing user-submitted form data
  11. Editing and publishing with Team Review (approval workflow)
  12. Static or Dynamic Publishing: CMPro's five options
  13. Record Locking
  14. Default templates and how to use them
  15. Mirroring content
  16. Duplicating Content (as a means of quick new-page construction)
  17. Linking pages via sidebar or bottom-of-page links
  18. Creating Users
  19. Organizing users into departmental or grouped heirarchies
  20. REALLY big user counts: The searchable List View
  21. Who's On?
  22. Error Logs
  23. Audit logs
  24. Archived (formerly live) pages
  25. REALLY big web sites: Creating and managing new content sections
  26. Using the Form Email section
  27. Using the Form Store
  28. Using and managing dedicated mailing lists
  29. Permissions Overview
  30. Security Groups
  31. Assigning permissions to users
  32. Assigning permissions to pages
  33. Access and Edit tiers
  34. The News Ticker
  35. Quick Links
  36. Polls (single- and multi-question) overview
  37. The FTP Manager

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