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"Can't thank you enough for developing this excellent CMS. You've saved our college countless hours and lots of money."

ContentMonger is Now FREE for non-commercial use (license a commercial/government web site for just US$99) .

Version 4.52 Now Available
(fixes a bug in the wysiwyg editor's display in Firefox display thanks to a browser 'upgrade'.  Full details in /install/!changelog.txt and here)

  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) principle followed scrupulously
    for normal humans to use and figure out.  Get CMS functionality and security with half the learning curve. 
  • Easy Installation:  Just set up a datasource, load the ContentMonger install page and run it.  Be up and running in 5 minutes.
  • Compatible with ColdFusion down to CF5Minor surgery needed for CF5.  Automatic Installers provided for 
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft Access 
    • mySQL 
    • Oracle (contact us to discuss the details of your installation)
  • Unencrypted Code.  Easy to customize with your own design. Even graphic menus
  • Automatic Form Builder ... no coding or technical knowledge needed, plus automatic processing, storage and management of submitted form data.
    Send ContentMonger-generated form results to your own custom programming, which either supplements or replaces ContentMonger's own form data processors.
  • Enable the optional Team Review feature to bring flexible workflow into your page editing and publishing process.
  • Publish static .HTML pages to save HUGE amounts of ColdFusion and database resources (and still run dynamic CF-driven pages wherever needed). 
  • Use keyword-laden natural page names with static or dynamic pages (see this URL for an example.  This page is dynamic).
  • Transparent revision control and archiving. Users never touch live web content.  Replaced content is safely archived.
  • Translateable.  Supports double-byte Unicode (CF6+ only).  All language elements are kept separate from code.  Easy instructions for adding new languages -- or customizing the provided English -- are provided. 
  • WYSIWYG editor included. 
  • Group security suitable for large or small groups: Departmental access, managerial approval (Team Review workflow or simple single-manager approval), tiered role- and group-based password security.
  • Unlimited number of pages, organizational depth. Wide range of options for content, design and organization.
  • Mailing list management and mass-mail tools - designed to keep your private opt-in list under the radar of anti-spam systems.  Use css styles to format your mail.
  • Ecommerce-Capable.  Harness the power of simple content management to build your store structure, and the power of our easy form builder to create cart items.
  • Easy Content Mirroring lets you write a page once, but display it in many places. Update the original and the mirrors update automatically.
  • Built-in online testing, scoring, certification and basic course management.
  • Cluster-friendly - no session management required.
  • Built-in Scalability: Works great with one user or 1,000. 
  • Run your own custom code from inside the system.
  • Thoughtfully designed record-locking allows group collaboration on individual pages. 
  • Public-side editing: Once an editor logs in a small [edit] link appears in a discreet location only they are allowed to see. Lets editors surf the site like a normal visitor and still edit content.
  • etc. etc. Details inside.

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