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How Does Licensing Work?
  • Licenses are per customer solution, or per domain, with unlimited instances allowed within each individual scenario.  Multiple licenses are available in quantity at a reduced rate.  You can click here and ask for pricing.  Be sure to include the specific details of your licensing scenario.  For some basic example scenarios scroll down.
  • Development servers don't matter, since you aren't actually using ContentMonger as part of an internal or customer solution. 
  • If you will be hosting multiple customer solutions using ContentMonger, even if you are using a single domain/single installation of ContentMonger to serve these multiple solutions, you may need multiple licenses.  Contact us for details.
  • If you have multiple departments in your company who will use the products, you do not currently require multiple licenses unless you have multiple servers.
  • Your company counts as a customer solution, so, if you use ContentMonger in-house for a 'live' solution you need another license to use it for a customer, in their intranet, Web site, etc.
  • and generally are counted as multiple domains.  Contact us with your specific circumstance and we will consider counting them as a single individual. 
Licensing scenarios that require multiple licenses:
  1. 1 server - 1 domain 
    Usage: Ten customers log into your site, for a fee or just a value-add, to manage their accounts NOTE: this identical scenario can also result in only one license being required.  For example, if members log in to view subscription or other privileged/paid content. If on the other hand you are selling each customer the right to manage their own web site underneath your own that is possibly a multi-license scenario.  Contact us and ask.
  2. 1 server - 10 domains
    Usage: Only one customer logs in, or you only use it for your Intranets or Web sites.

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