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What Are ContentMonger's System Requirements?

Web Application Server:

  • ColdFusion Application Server must be installed. This application was developed on ColdFusion Application Server MX v6.1 and ColdFusion MX v7.0. It should work with only minor modification on ColdFusion 5.
  • Public Side:
    Session and Client management must be enabled. Client variables must be stored in the Registry or - per the standard best practice - in an external database (not in cookies).
  • Administrative Side:
    • Uses less than 10 client variables for administrative users.
    • No special java applets or extensions are required. Some optional CFX extensions will improve performance or add features.


CMPro will directly install to (and has been tested with) any of the following database platforms

    • Microsoft Access
    • mySQL v3.23, 4.0 and 5.0.
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    • Oracle 8i and 9i

Any other platform can be used, provided you are familiar enough with it to convert one of our existing table-creation templates to your preferrred database format.

Browser Client:

  • Should be compatible on IE6+ and Mozilla 1.5x+. Browser compatibility is determined by whether the wysiwyg editor works :-)
  • Scripting must be enabled. Best bet: keep IE’s security settings at their v6 defaults.

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