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Is There Support?

With CMPro's change from a full-price content management system to free (or super cheap for commercial sites) CMPro support is limited to using our contact form.  Free support is limited.

Over time, with the completion of the almost-live tutorial area, operational questions should essentially all be answered.  Further, CMPro code is extensively commented and written specifically so that it is easy to walk up to and immediately understand.

Known Issues:

  1. The drop-down menu for the CSS split-dropdown menu system does not fold out properly at Level 3.
    Both the CSS dropdown and the CSS split-dropdown menu systems use different style sheets, but they contain the same CSS code.  Put simply, I am not a CSS guru and haven't had the time to figure out how to make it work right (prior to its release as part of a free product, the split system used a javascript-based dropdown subsystem).  I'll figure it out eventually, when I have the time, but if you know how to make it happen I'm sure lots of folks would appreciate hearing about it. 

    No matter what, both CSS systems can be modified by anyone familiar with simple, universal CSS.  So regardless of the state thay are in, customizing them to your specific needs should be considered a part of your design management task list.  Use the styles provided, modify them or totally replace them.

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