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Whats Coming in the Future?

We get ideas all the time with regard to suggested features to include in a future version. We give serious consideration to all suggestions.     Got a feature you want that we don't have?  Ask us for it!  Here are some things under consideration (given time and economics):

  1. Graft in AccessMonger Pro to replace the existing permission and access control system
    AMPro was actually created from an early version of CMPro.  Many elements of CMonger's permissioning system are the same.  The login and password recovery systems are identical.  However AMPro is a generation beyond CMonger with its use of permissions to supplement groups and tiers.  Further, AMPro's permission management features, with its ability to assign user profiles, as well as globally adjust permissions, are well beyond CMonger, as are the multi-screen AMPro user and permission management screens.  By replacing tiers with a permission and profile-oriented system the flexibility to administrators would increase astronomically with respect to the kinds of permission flexibility admins could delegate to privileged staff and users.

    Thats the good news.  The bad news is that, first of all, CMonger's 6-tier system works pretty well when supplemented by groups.  So a replacement is by no means imperative.  Further, to work a permission-based system -- properly -- into CMonger, it would involve touching essentially every template in the admin area... a total rewrite of the permissioning component of the product.  No small amount of work and something that -- if not subsidized by a commercial client with a specific order to do that work -- is not likely to happen anytime soon.
  2. Upgrade the split CSS menu style sheet to fold out properly on Level 3
    Not being a CSS guru, if I can find a solution to this I will plug it in.  If someone out there knows CSS better than I do -- and that is pretty much everyone -- a revised style sheet would benefit everyone who wants to use this menu system.
  3. Finish the Slave/Master replication system
    There is a sort of Easter Egg hidden inside of CMonger.  If you look at the bottom of any content section's admin settings page, you will see a field that says "Enslaved to" and explains that it is for "The name of the master section that this section will mimic as part of the system’s replication feature."  In addition, if you go to the content tree of any content section and bring down the Actions menu, you will see two entries at the bottom; one entitled "Slave" and the other "Master.  They lead you to a couple of interesting grids that are already fully functional.

    CMonger has an unfinished feature where an admin can put in a string into a web page.  This string will then be searched for and, once the string is found, a web page will be published with the replacement string in place of the search string.  The idea is to be able to have a network of affiliate web sites that are managed by a single master site.  The 'slaves' are created directly from the 'master' and variable text will be replaced with whatever is desired. 

    For example, a home page might say "Welcome to", which is published from a database entry that actually reads "Welcome to ***domainName***", where there are instructions in the slave/master system to replace all instances of the text string ***DomainName*** with  The data entry portion of the system is complete and visible.  Lacking is the actual replace code ("Update the Slaves") and the new section creation code ("Create a New Slave") that will include all of the search strings resident in the master, ready to be filled out for the new slave.
  4. ???
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