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  1. Install the FXM3 datasource.  An Access database is supplied.  The supplied code uses a datasource name of ''FXM''.
  2. Copy fedexmonger.cfm, fedexmonger_rate.cfm and fedexmonger_das.cfm to the folder you'll be calling the tag from.  Note that if you wish to use the administration files they will need to be located on a web-accessible URL. 
  3. Load runme.cfm to demonstrate the tag's functionality.  This template can also be used as the basis to integrate FXM3 into your own system.  Note that you may need to alter the datasource name to suit your own setup.
  4. OPTIONAL:  Download and unzip a free copy of cf_GridMonger into the /admin/ folder of the FXM3 installation and run /admin/index.cfm.  Note that you may need to alter the datasource name to suit your own setup.  
  5. Visit The Federal Express Zone Locator and get your local zone table (choose either ASCII or PDF format). Enter the zone information into the supplied GridMonger zone editor, or input the information directly into your database via your preferred means. The process should take about 20 minutes.


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