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General Notes
  • Calculates shipping charges for First Overnight®, Priority Overnight®, Standard Overnight®, 2-Day®, Express Saver, Fedex Ground® and Fedex Ground Home Delivery® plans using rates and tables effective on June 29th, 2003. 
  • Both destination and origin points are supported for all 50 U.S. states. (includes Intra-Alaska and Intra-Hawaii Express support).
  • Package weights up to 150 lbs. are supported (except where limited by Federal Express to a lesser amount). 
  • The rates include the Delivery Area Surcharge (affecting over 17,000 separate U.S. ZIP codes) on selected FedEx plans.
  • The Fuel Surcharge on shipments is supported (Ground and Express), and can be easily modified via web-based entry. 
  • Special regional surcharges are supported, such as Intra-Alaska rural, Alaska overweight, intra-Oahu rates etc.


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