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Licensing for GridBuilder Use
GridBuilder is licensed per each developer using it. If you are a developer with multiple computers you can install on all systems you use.

If you are a development shop, you can, at your option, have multiple developers working off of a single installation provided they are all individually licensed.

Finally, this is a 'named' user and not a concurrent-max-users type of license. So if a development shop has 10 developers who all use GridBuilder, but never more than 5 of them use it at once, you still need 10 licenses.  You maintain and manage your own list of named users, and buy extra licenses as needed.

Do You Need Multiple Licenses?
Contact us.  The GridBuilder purchase form is set to a single license.  We can send you a custom payment request to match the exact license count you need.

Licensing For Grid Deployment
GridBuilder is a front end to allow easier creation and managemen of GridMonger grids.  As such, the GridMonger license applies to the actual grids you deploy. 

GridMonger is a free tool which can be deployed in commercial and non-commercial environments, both for your own web sites, your free projects or your paid clients.  Its free use is granted provided its copyright comments are left intact. 

HOWEVER, GridMonger's use license is single-use. If you are incorporating a GridMonger deployment into a commercial product, contact us to negotiate a license to do so.

GridBuilder is ColdFusion code designed to build GridMonger grids. It supplements a GridMonger file set, and consists of an Application.cfm, an Access database file and all files in the root folder (only) with the "gm_" prefix.  All of the rest of the files in a GridBuilder release are the latest, best file set for GridMonger.

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