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We've tried to hit the high points, as listed below (if you don't see them, scroll down).  If you have another question feel free to ask, although be advised that we cannot help with grid configuration questions unless you are a registered GridBuilder user.

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The GridMonger edit and insert screens suck. Can I make my own?
How Do I Enable the WYSIWYG Editor?
This is a fantastic tool! Can I contribute something since I feel so guilty for being a leech?
How do I put more than one grid on a page?
I can't get date fields to work in MS Access. Whats up with that?
Should I Upgrade?
Is there a list so I can be notified of GridMonger updates?
Is there a sample database available with GridMonger?
Whats the deal with calculated columns?
Some of your demos don't let me add or update data!
How do default form field values work?
I get an error pointing to GetData.RecordCount. Whats wrong?
How do I use the server-side form field validation feature?
How do I plug in my own custom processing with the code include feature?
How can I get ''The coolest DHTML calendar widget'' to work with GridMonger?
Tell me about joined table support

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