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The Past / The Future
Modified versions of GridMonger grids are used in several places in the latest version of our CMPro content management system.  GridMonger turned out to be such a cool tool we made a generic version available for the asking.  GridMonger is also presently incorporated into the free FedexMongerAccessMonger Lite and UPSRateMonger tools.   
Why is it Free?
If you shop around you'll see similar commercial tools running literally hundreds of (US) dollars. 
The basic, root idea behind GridMonger is not our own.  We originally took QuikGrid_VTM, written by Joe Coletti, and rewrote it... again and again and again.  At this point in its evolution GridMonger really bears no resemblance whatsoever to that VTM wizard.  Still, credit is due the original author.  If you like GridMonger, think about thanking the developer who gave us the idea and send him the $5 donation he suggests in his original tag.
Is It The Best?
We think so.  GridMonger is unique insofar as it is a full-featured, security-aware, just-add-water solution.  The fact that its freeware makes it only that much more amazing.  
Will It Stay Free?
Short answer: We have no plans to change its free status.  If you would like to contribute something, see above, and do yourself a big fat favor and buy the separate GridBuilder tool for the paltry sum of US$10.
Long answer:  We had plans to create a GridMonger Plus and offer it for about US$10 or so, where the Plus version would have more features and bear the fruit of ongoing development.  GridMonger v3.0 was to be this for-pay version. 
Just prior to the commencement of work on that release, we got some great ideas from users that we just had to put in.  We came to realize that GridMonger's strongest suit is its free availability; plus we have no corner on good ideas. 
GridMonger as a community effort will yield bigger benefits to us all.

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