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Current Versions 4.82 (both free and registered versions)
version 5.0 will be available soon in both free and GridBuilder versions.  Check out the Revision History for details

GridMonger creates a sophisticated, searchable add/edit/delete/view application in minutes.  Just specify some parameters for a nearly instant solution.  Save yourself days of coding and improve your feature set.

Loaded with features, GridMonger is comparable to tools costing hundreds of dollars. 

  • Its free! (you can buy GridBuilder for US$10, help support GridMonger's development and also get menu-driven grid builder).
  • Spreadsheet/Grid-style tool includes combined next/previous, first/last and page-by-page navigation.
  • Edit any record, add records or delete them. 
  • Submitted data can be validated against a regular expression and/or simply marked as 'required'.
  • Easily specified field types allow the use of cfqueryparam in all SQL elements for best practice security.
  • Your choice: inline (single or multi-line) or full-screen record editing.
  • Shut off unwanted features easily.
  • Sort and re-sort columns on the fly in ascending or descending order.  Deny column sorting on individual comlumns if needed.
  • Search on any column (exact and inexact matches allowed).
  • Align columns as needed.
  • Vary the rows displayed onscreen with a mouse click.
  • Select which fields can or cannot be edited for even more flexibility.
  • Create calculated columns using standard ColdFusiion field/variable syntax and operators.
  • text fields can be edited in a full-featured WYSIWYG editor.
  • Custom code includes can fire on inserts, updates or before displaying a line of data (specify a template for each operation).
  • Expanded View lets you show a limited field set in the grid and a larger one with a mouse click.
  • Show help next to your fields when in one of the full screen modes.
  • Insert hidden fields with default data securely (without using hidden form fields).
  • Include extra fields not seen in grid output. 
  • Specify default values when entering new records.
  • Include custom parameters when you call external templates.
  • Limited support for table joins.
  • Supports normal text, textarea and drop-down form inputs.
  • Fields can be live anchor (A HREF=... )links.
  • Supports date/time stamp on inserts and date/time stamps on updates.
  • Handy Demo Mode allows the application to behave normally but ignore edits.
  • Smart structure allows many grids to reside on a single site without code replication.
  • Easily apply formatting masks to date, time, date/time and boolean fields for easier viewing.
  • Customizable colors selected via simple parameters. 
  • Comes with style sheet, sample graphics and layered original PSD files.
  • Directly compatible with Access, SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle... and works with CF 5 and up (and CF 4.5.1 with a little help).
  • Uses client management for persistence.  No session management required.
  • Includes sample Access 2000 database.

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