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Live Demos

GridMonger comes with a series of working demo files, linked below.  All have been set into 'Demo' mode, which prevents data edits (and unfortunately also prevents demonstration of the built-in regular expression-based field validation... you'll have to download and install GridMonger yourself to see that).

Want to know what a config file looks like?  This is a link to one.  Looks nasty?  For a paltry US$10 GridBuilder will build your grid config files for you in a nice, self-managed database-driven system.

(so new we've only got these lousy screen shots)

At first glance its just your basic grid.  So What? ...

Click the icon to enable Expanded View.  Something very different is going on here.

Lets edit it...

WOO HOO!  You'll have to roll up your sleeves and select what toolbar icons you want to use (we've included four toolbars, ranging from the entire show (the one pictured is not everything) to no icons at all; allowing simple text entry with paragraphs and line breaks.

If you want individual users to have access to only certain folders you'll need to tell the grid how to handle that... but we've made it easy for you by putting the settings into /Application.cfm.

Think this example is over the top?  Check out the bottom shot which, with a few icons, allows cut/copy/paste/undo/scrub/redo and character formatting.

Now for the bad news:  At the present time WYSIWYG Editing is only available to registered GridBuilder users. 
Simplify your life for just Ten Bucks


demo_base.cfm When you think of a grid-type application, this configuration is probably the closest to what you expect to see. This grid has many features you can trim off if desired via parameter specification.
demo_base_fancy.cfm Same as the basic demo, with a calendar display and color picker added in.  Both tools require separate (and free) downloads of external tools to function. 
demo_fullscreen.cfm Same as the basic demo, but edit mode has been switched to full-screen mode.
demo_calcdcolumn.cfm Same as the basic demo, with added calculated columns. The 'calculations' are just a meaningless concatenation of two hidden text columns, and a silly math operation (*2 and rounded) on the latitude value.
demo_clean.cfm Simple grid display. No add, edit or delete. No search. No help. Only navigation, row count variation and the display reset icon. This grid was copied from demo_inline.cfm so its field settings actually all are set to allow field editing -- which is shut off at the grid level via the appropriate settings.
demo_cleaner.cfm Copied from the 'clean' demo, but no navigation and the grid header bar has been removed. Just sortable columns. Use this for the cleanest ’just data’ sortable display of all records in a dataset.
demo_cleanest.cfm Copied from the 'cleaner' demo with two changes: a)column sorting has been removed b)a call to an external program has been implemented. This sort of grid is suitable to embed into another page as an include.
demo_default.cfm Same as the basic demo, but uses default field values, which are set externally (i.e. they are not created by GridMonger). View the coldFusion template itself to see how this is done. Your own methods will vary.
demo_expanded.cfm Similar to full-screen editing mode, Expanded display mode allows a 'summary' view of fields in your grid view. When its time to drill down to an individual record, display switches to a full-screen view where you can show additional fields if you choose to do so. This mode also lets you specify help messages for individual fields when editing.
demo_expanded_new.cfm Identical to the Expanded View demo, this one opens up the Expanded view in a new window, which can be specified simply (its a separate, named edit mode).

This is an example of a stripped-down grid embedded in a page as an include.  While you can embed GridMonger into other applications, you can also do the reverse with GridMonger's custom code include feature.

00501 HOLTSVILLE NY +40.922326 -072.637078
00544 HOLTSVILLE NY +40.922326 -072.637078
00601 ADJUNTAS PR +18.165273 -066.722583
00602 AGUADA PR +18.393103 -067.180953
00603 AGUADILLA PR +18.455913 -067.145780
00604 AGUADILLA PR +18.493520 -067.135883
00605 AGUADILLA PR +18.465162 -067.141486
00606 MARICAO PR +18.172947 -066.944111
00610 ANASCO PR +18.288685 -067.139696
00611 ANGELES PR +18.279531 -066.802170

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