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Revision History

December ?? 2008:  v5.0 will be available as a free and registered GridBuilder version

  • Added the windowTarget parameter.  This allows the grid to operate inside of a frame or iframe.  Since it defaults to the "_self" parameter a grid should automatically work inside of any frame, but you can also specify a name if desired.
  • Added the displayFilter parameter. A display filter will take the value in a given field and send that value to the ColdFusion template you specify, whereupon the ColdFusion code you write will take that value and process it any way your code pleases so you can hand off that value to the grid for display. An example would be to take a User ID number that is stored in the db and convert that to a display of the user’s first and last name. If you embed the output inside of a cfsavecontent statement you can even format html to include things like an inline link to an external template.  See /embeddeddemo.cfm for full syntax explanation and /toolbox/demo_userdefined_filter.cfm for an example. Data in form fields will display as the raw value. Note that this feature performs arguably the same function as the already-existing userDefinedDisplay parameter, except it is simpler to implement in most cases.  Either tool works and one or the other will be the best choice depending on the application.
  • The userDefinedDisplay parameter is no longer restricted to templates located within the GridMonger includes folder.
  • Reorganized the header area so if Nav area display is shut off (localGrid.AllowNavigation="";) the reset and add/edit buttons can still be utilized.  Formerly in order to have these buttons visible the entire navigation header had to be displayed.
  • The grid reset button has been moved and grouped with the Add/Edit buttons.  The word 'Reset' is now displayed with the icon for clarity.
  • Updated many of the included icons.
  • All header and column sort icons now have titles, so a mouseover each will bring up a helpful tooltip.
  • Removed all icon width and height parameters where they are not user-specified to facilitate developer customization.
  • Upgraded the FCKEditor instance bundled into GridMonger to v2.41, and changed the tag calls accordingly.  This newer but not-quite-current version is governed by the Lesser GNU license as opposed to the current editor which isn't.
  • Removed the client variable cfparams associated with WYSIWYG editor file uploads, which pertained to an earlier version of FCKEditor that used a customized file manager.  The present version uses an unaltered FCKEditor file manager implementation.
  • There are more choices for Rows in the row choice dropdown.
  • Minor change to style sheet for better compatibility with Firefox and Safari.
  • Minor coding style nit picked: Camel-cased most variables and functions.
  • Not coded yet but planned:  Graphical display of which column sort is active (sort icon changes color).
  • Upgrader revised to allow seamless upgrades from prior GridBuilder-built grid versions.
  • Got a pet feature you want?  All requests considered.  Get your suggestion in before the feature set freezes.

March 23, 2006: v4.82 Available to registered GridBuilder users only
(Released as free version February 9 2007)

  • Andrew Greenfield spotted a problem with CF7 and some hidden input fields within GridBuilder, which led to some bug repair in the underlying GridMonger engine.
  • Minor tweak to error handling to enhance display under CF7.

September 23, 2005: v4.81.  Available to registered GridBuilder users only

  • The Regex 'bad behavior' fix implemented in v4.70 caused an error when doing single-record inserts where the grid had a primary key that was visible but not editable.  Fixed.

September 7, 2005: v4.80.  Available to registered GridBuilder users only

  • Added the Expanded Sub-Header and Expanded Mini-Header separator feature and parameters.  Now you can insert headers and sub-headers into your long full-screen forms to organize them into sections and subsections onscreen.
  • Created field types 27, 28 and 29 to bolster the cfsqltypes for CF_SQL_DATE and CF_SQL_TIME and help bulletproof date and date/time data entry.  These data types will be washed through one of ColdFusion's Date/Time functions as appropriate (CreateODBCDate(), CreateODBCDateTime() and CreateODBCTime() ) to ensure the data being sent to the database is really an acceptable date, date/time or time string.
  • Revised error handling:  Removed all template-wide CFTRY and CFCATCH wrappers and replaced them with the centralized, application-wide CFERROR TYPE="Exception" method in /Application.cfm.
  • Enhanced error reporting under CF5 to explicitly dump the LocalGrid and TempGrid structures and GetData query since the "variables" scope is not exposed as a struct in CF5.

March 31, 2005: v4.70.  Available to registered GridBuilder users only

  • Regex validation now does not fire unless there is a value in the submitted field.  (fixes bad behavior as the required field attribute is proper to enforce Len()).
  • Added PreInsert and PreUpdate includes.  Each fires before the insert or update operation to allow data evaluation prior to committing to the database (so you can do things like run duplicate checks against data elsewhere than the current table, for example).
  • Added a new data type 24: CF_SQL_DECIMAL with dollarformat mask.  SQL Server users couldn't use Type 7 (CF_SQL_NUMERIC with dollarformat mask).
  • Carol Massfeller pointed out that there was no way to align data in table cell columns.  How did we go for so long without this?  Added the CellAlign parameter.
  • Hid a small Easter egg inside of /gridmonger.cfm that illustrates a way to vary image/file upload folders so they are unique to the current record in cases where the WYSIWYG editor is in use.  Look for the hidden code starting on Line 342.
  • Altered how the WYSIWYG editor's necessary client variables are set (cfparam vs the old cfset, which is much more efficient).

October 29 2004: v4.60.  Available to registered GridBuilder users only
Added WYSIWYG editor support (see demos)  An enhanced version of FCKEditor (v1.6) -- the same one that comes with ContentMonger Lite -- is now bundled in (we have upgraded the file and image browsers/uploaders).  You can specify the editor's width and height (either in pixels or screen percentage) and the toolbar to use (you easily set that up yourself within /fckeditor/js/fck_config.js).  Paths and base urls are specified outside of GridMonger's parameters so you can insert your own conditional code to dynamically determine the paths you want to use. 

October 19 2004: 4.51.  (Available to registered GridBuilder users and included within AccessMonger Pro)
Released as free version October 29 2004.

a bugfix release covering some esoteric items that don't affect most GridMonger users.  The Calculated Fields feature addition is a very nice spiff if you use it.

  • Monica Resor noticed that once a single column was set to nowrap, all subsequent columns got the same spec.  Fixed.
  • Michel Sahyoun spotted the fact that when a grid has only one row of data, the page count in the upper right nav area was incorrectly numbered at '2' instead of '1'.  Fixed.
  • Joe reported that if you were running ColdFusion 5 and using a primary key field that contained a '-' character, updates would crash.  Only CF5 was impacted.  Fixed.
  • Joe also spotted an oversight that kept hidden fields out of search results.  Something we just forgot to put in.  Duh.  Fixed.
  • Calculated fields can now either display the actual or the calculated value on edit.  Formerly only the actual value was shown.
  • Fixed a bug in search results where the search replaced the default WHERE clause rather than appending itself to it to further filter the existing results.
  • Error handling was revised to include code based on DumpMonger, shown here within the tutorial.

July 24, 2004: 4.50.  Available to registered GridBuilder users only
A huge feature added to GridBuilder, a big improvement to an existing feature and a couple of bugfixes

  • Reworked how hidden input values are stored and processed to take into account unique multi-line inputs. For example: placing an individual UUID in each record inserted during multi-line entry. These alterations also ensure the line-unique value is available for user-defined post-insert processing. Formerly hidden inputs could not be unique to each record. The new method preserves the ability to assign a single variable value to all inserted records (for example: A parentID/foreign key value).
  • Added the Bulk Editor to GridBuilder, so that grid fields can be edited in multi-edit mode, all at once (!)
  • Fixed (the same) bug in GridBuilder's Hidden Input and Hidden Fields editors.
  • Fixed a bug in GridBuilder that allowed hidden fields into the expanded hidden field list whether they were marked for it or not.
  • Fixed a bug in GridMonger that kept the header from displaying under certain circumstances.

July 20, 2004: 4.40.  Available to registered GridBuilder users only
A lot of significant changes under the hood, and a big new feature we needed to complete another project

  • Added the extremely powerful UserDefinedDisplay parameter, which allows the code include of your choice to be run just before each line is output to the screen. In turn this allows complex calculations and/or processing to be performed on selected (or all!) fields prior to their display.  Complete instructions and examples are located in the file /includes/gm_userdefined_display.cfm.
  • Added ''begins with'' to the search capability. Thanks to Bob Whitman for the idea and code samples.
  • Added explicit database username and password support to all queries.
  • Removed all calendar formatting from the GridMonger code. This lets you use the external calendar-setup.js, or add in your own parameters as you see fit.
  • Added the CalendarSetup parameter. This lets you specify a grid-specific calendar setup file.
  • Moved all possible variables into named structs, which allows compartmentalization of data and better error display; especially in ColdFusion 5.
  • Redesigned the error display to dump out structs rather than the previous practice of dumping out entire scopes.
  • Added the ability to decide whether to dump the GetData query in error messages.  Set it to No if you have a giant query so your emailed and onscreen error dumps don’t kill your mail account or browser. 
  • Removed all application-scope variables/locks from the code.
  • Moved dsn and error handling assignments from /Application.cfm to the GridMonger config templates,so each template can truly stand on its own as a self-contained application.
  • Fixed bugs. Mostly a rollup of the ones publicly noted on the errata page on the site and fixed long ago in the GridBuilder version of GridMonger. Thanks go to Rob Addair, Roy Ing and Bob Whitman for their invaluable help.

June 14, 2004: 4.32
The biggest change is the new demos.  Most of the rest is just documentation.  If you use v4.31 you can probably skip this upgrade.

  • Reworked and renamed all of the demos, which are now all posted in the demo area on the web site. Over time configuration errors have crept in and they needed a fresh start. Thanks go to Roy Ing for pointing these out.
  • Realized a way to allow literal values to be used in the default values feature (duh), and documented this on the FAQ page as well as provided an example in the calculated column demo.
  • Checked all uses of url.ID and added the urldecode function in a couple of places where it was missing, for those who don't use numeric primary keys.
  • Added a note to the server side regex validation documentation indicating that anyone who gets the idea of putting a field edit regex into an uneditable field will silently break the ability to edit at all.
  • Found and fixed a previously-unreported bug that prevented a calculated column from displaying if the data in the underlying column (which may or may not have any bearing on the displayed value) was blank.

June 2, 2004: v4.31
A combination of a really neat new feature, added for a client in an emergency, plus a nasty bug in 4.30 made for a quick maintenance release

  • Added custom code includes, and instructions on how to use them within the new default code include templates.
  • The Hidden Input values you specify are now copied to the form scope on INSERTs so you can use the newly inserted value in any custom post-processing.  See the FAQ and sample include files for more.
  • Added some sample regexes to the toolbox.  Look in /toolbox/sampleregexes.txt.
  • Switched calendar support to the calendar and removed the old calendar from the distribution set.  Kept the code in the files -- commented out in case anyone wants to continue using it from an existing installation.  This is a great free tool and we encourage you to donate to its author.
  • Tidied up the demo files; removed some unnecessary array settings left over from v4.30's development.
  • Fixed a bug in the individual line insert code that failed on a regex test, and thus failed the insert (!).
  • GridBuilder:  Fixed a couple of bugs in the hidden input and custom icon templates.  Fixed an error in the grid builder routine that choked when hidden fields were set to only display in Expanded mode.

June 1, 2004: v4.30 

  • Rolled up the public release to incorporate everything found in the private GridBuilder-only releases.
  • Added regex-based server-side form field input validation (!).
  • Created a fully working joined table demo to replace the example-only demo formerly included in the file set.  The file is still named joineddemo.cfm.
  • Added the ability to shut off the grid footer (help display area) for a cleaner look, if desired.
  • Fixed a longstanding 1-page inaccuracy in the page count (rounding error)
  • Fixed the alternate calendar introduced in v4.21 so it properly accounted for the new default values feature.
  • Fixed the date field mask bypass so it works under all circumstances.
  • Reworked date field default values so they take into account date masks on new record inserts (not an issue before the default value feature existed).

May 17, 2004: v4.20

  • Added calculated columns!  A long-time user request, we were finally forced to knuckle down and do it for a recent project of our own.  This extremely powerful feature requires more than the usual inline documentation.  Check out the FAQ page.
  • The new ShowEraser parameter allows toggling the display of the grid reset icon (which is an eraser).
  • Added the GridName parameter for future use.
  • Fixed an unreported bug in the Expanded View display of mailto links (nested cfoutputs would have caused Pre-CF6 systems to crash).
  • Fixed an unreported bug in the Expanded View inclusion of hidden fields in the GetData query when entering edit mode.

April 21, 2004: v4.10

  • Added the RowsToShow parameter, which dictates the default row count on the grid.  Set the value to 0 (zero) to display all rows in the table
  • The Live HTML Link DisplayType option now is supported in either of the Expanded modes.
  • There is a new DisplayType option:  Live Mailto Link.  If your field is an email address you can turn that displayed address into a mailto link.
  • Added the Grid Reset link.  This small eraser-like icon, which either displays next to the rows button, or at screen bottom (depending on whether or not the navigation area is allowed to display) will completely reset the grid back to all default settings.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Open for Editing help information (in grid view) to display when one of the Expanded modes was in use.

April 1, 2004: v4.0

General v4.0 notes:  GM4's development was driven primarily by the GridBuilder (see below).  If we needed something to make the builder work, or we discovered pesky behavior in the grid in general during the course of GridBuilder's development, we added the feature or changed the behavior.  User requests were also taken into account, and there are several enhancements in GM4 that were suggested by GM users.

  • A separate grid auto-builder application.  Cost will be US$10.  GM's config files look a little daunting to the uninitiated.  Plus, adding new features only compounds the complexity problem. So wouldn't it be cool if you could just fill out a form and out pops a grid config file?  Check out GridBuilder's Home Page .
  • Limited field display:  Have a long column that won't wrap (like a really long url)?  Set it to display only the first 75 characters (or whatever).
  • Column-by-Column pixel-width specification.  Specify exactly how many pixels each column takes up (or don't... its optional).
  • A new field type: Color Picker.  Integration with cf_PaletteMonger.  Click the pretty color icon next to the field and get a color/greyscale palette.
  • Expanded Field Help: HTML-formattable help text that you can display alongside your Expanded-View data entry.
  • Unlimited custom items per grid.  Could be expanded in previous versions with manual recoding but now is formally unlimited.
  • A Multi-Add screen will now give at least 10 blank entries.  Formerly if the table's record count was less than 10 the max screenful you could add was the equivalent of the record count, rendering the multi-add feature unusable with very small recordsets.
  • Fields can be included which are not displayed.  Useful for all sorts of additional processing needs.
  • Custom items can be displayed conditionally.  For example, only display Custom Item X if Field Y in the current row has a value of "Z".
  • Custom items can now pass an additional parameter of your choice besides the current record's primary key value.
  • Integrated the page title into the grid itself, and created a background color for this new header bar.
  • Added BackPage and BackMessage parameters.  Lets you set up a link in the grid header bar that will return to the template you specify.
  • Chris Martin wrote an optional, extensible client-side form input validation tag and provided easy instructions on plugging it into GridMonger.  Look for it in the /toolbox/ folder of the GM distribution file.
  • Michael Austin spotted a bug in our array display switch that, in some circumstances, caused the raw data to display in a drop-down select rather than its desired display counterpart.  Fixed.
  • Bryce Hoffman noticed an extraneous default drop-down select option at another spot in the drop-down select code.  It apparently only generated a spurious blank default in a very few browser types so the error went unnoticed for quite some time.  Fixed.
  • Richard Spitz noticed that file cases for some icons had been lowercased, but their calls in GridMonger still used mixed-case.  Fixed.

February 2, 2004: v3.51

  • Fixed a couple of bugs introduced in v3.50's code rewrites.  Editing single records threw an error (which we missed for as long as we did because we always use MultiEdit), along with a couple of other less severe problems.

January 15, 2004: v3.50

  • Completely revised error handling to allow for onscreen or emailed errors, selectable via an Application.cfm setting (defaults to onscreen if no setting exists).  The error messages in part use CFDUMP to give a complete system picture, and degrade gracefully on pre-CF5 systems with a detailed manual listing of the error and vairous system details.
  • Fixed a minor display glitch when using drop-down selects in expanded view mode (The key value was displayed rather than the friendly display value). 
  • Reduced the number of demos in the download to minimize potential for confusion.
  • Fixed a bug in Expanded View New Window mode that had crept in from an earlier version (3.20?).
  • Went thru the code template by template and line by line to optimize it wherever possible.  As a part of this, expanded significantly the use of cfscript in the code base.  This is faster for Pre-CFMX systems and arguably tighter and more readable.

January 9, 2004: v3.40

  • Charles Winborne reported a feature that was supposed to prevent MS SQL Server users from designating an ntext field as sortable, but didn't work properly.  He also helped us debug the fixed code.
  • Added Multi-Delete. When in Multi-Edit mode, a drop-down select is now present at the right of each record that reads "OK".  Changing this to "DELETE" will delete the record when the Multi-Edit screen is saved.  Edits and deletes can be mixed on the same screen and all activated with a single save click.
  • Added Multi-Add mode.  Rather than adding one record at a time, the user can click on 'Add Screenful'.  This will display a form screen consisting of a screen full of blank records.  Any number of records can be inserted from this screen (the exact number available is determined by your user-adjustable row display setting).  Entering less than the number of available rows results in only the rows you fill out being added to the database.  Required field constraints are observed on the Multi-Add screen and users will be directed back to fix any fields left blank where entry is required.
  • Added Hidden Input Fields.  Allows the developer to specify values that are to be included in any record insertion.  Uses an array in the config file, does not rely on hidden form fields and works in Multi-Add mode.
  • Rewrote portions of existing code to either better organize it (putting groups of internally-generated parameters into structs, for example), increase performance (used cfscript in some places) or to simply tidy up a bit.
  • Reorganized the help display to improve its use of space, and allow user-specified items to have more room.
  • Rearranged the parameters in the config files a bit to aid in clarity.

October 29, 2003: Version 3.31

  • Fixed an ugly sql error in v3.30 that caused all inserted records to contain null values.
  • More efficient use of the null= parameter in cfqueryparam to handle null values in inserts and updates.
  • Fixed a bug in delete confirmation view that prevented the record about to be deleted from being displayed (affected inline view modes only).
  • implemented the cfqueryparam-bypass field types in Search... missed that one in v3.30.
  • Tidied up a couple of the demos.  Some missing the Required Fields parameter, some others missing some documentary text on joined fields.
  • Added some new icons -- handy for use with custom programs you add to GridMonger.
  • Added the JustDataDemo.cfm after Rob Ritchie asked about getting GridMonger to just display a sortable data grid with no editing capabilities.

October 15, 2003: Version 3.30

  • Added two new 'cfsqltype' entries that effectively bypass the use of cfqueryparam altogether.  Should allow Access users to use
     date-type fields given that platform's apparent incompatibility with cfqueryparam's date-specific cfsqltypes.
  • Replaced all uses of ListFind with ListFindNoCase everywhere to make the procedure more forgiving in case your database isn't.  Thanks go to Gene Marshall for spotting this.

September 23, 2003: Version 3.20

  • Broadened field type support to extend to all available cfqueryparam cfsqltypes.
  • Added upgrade notes to the site.
  • Chris Chain suggested the custom program item target parameter, and provided the code for same.
  • Went thru and reformatted all code comments slightly; added more comments.
  • Wrapped variables.PageHeader in a cfif that does not create the paragraph if the page header value is empty.
  • Replaced all comparative CFIF statements using "is" and "is not" with compare()/comparenocase() to improve performance (most already followed this practice, but a few using the slower syntax had crept in over time).
  • Reworked flow for the two Expanded modes.  Previous versions would default back to grid view if the user didn't close the window when done editing, or cancelled out of certain operations.  Now both Expanded and Expanded New Window modes do not revert to grid view unless expressly asked to do so (or, in the case of Expanded New Window, the new window either offers the option to close or automatically does so if the current record is deleted.
  • Added a new demo displaying a combination of embedded mode where the line item detail display is an Expanded New Window view of the line data.

September 11, 2003: Version 3.10

  • Added required fields.  Users who attempt to leave fields blank that are specified as required will be directed to return and correct the problem.
  • Gene Marshall contributed the code that allows custom link urls to contain url parameters themselves. 
  • Again an idea from Gene: replaced "|" with chr(1) (ascii start of header) as the list separator in gm_update_multi.cfm, which in turn allows the use of "|" in a field value string.
  • Jeff Sorte contributed code that allow the previously selected choice in a drop-down to display its user-friendly version, rather than just dumping out the field contents.
  • Rahul Maheshwari suggested the inclusion of a sample database.  Access and mySQL databases are now included, along with instructions on how to get others in the GridMonger FAQ.
  • Simplified the code that determines the alternating row color.
  • Added urldecode to the assignment on gridmonger.cfm's Edit case value ~ Line 210. 
  • Fixed a bug (which may have been desirable behavior to some) that let the grid display underneath a detail view in a new window display.
  • variables.foreignkeys was misspelled (variables.foreignkey) on the demos that didn't use it.  Fixed, and renamed the variable to the singular (previously wrong) version in the code.
  • Our greedy nature gets the better of us.  The GridMonger Widows and Orphans Fund has been established.

August 19, 2003: Version 3.03

  • Fixed a bug in calendar use for multi-line editing. 
  • Enabled the use of data that contains commas in multi-line editing.  

August 18, 2003: Version 3.02

  • Multi-line editing had another showstopper that surfaced if a field was not editable. Fixed. 
  • Fixed variables.NoWrapHTML, which was not wrapped in <CFOUTPUT> tags. 
    Thanks to Gene Marshall for spotting all the above, and in the case of the wrapping issue presenting the code fix.

August 17, 2003: Version 3.01

  • Added try/catch error handling to demo templates. 
  • Rebuilt the multi-line editing feature.  Original release was vulnerable to erroring out if null values were submitted, or if primary key was in field list and editable. 
  • Refitted the existing SQL updater to use the improved null value handler.

August 14, 2003: Version 3.0

  • Chris Chain gave us the push we needed to take on making GridMonger's client variable settings unique to each GM template. 
  • Ben Heise prodded us to build Multi-Line Edit mode, which turned out to be pretty slick.  He also helped debug it. 
  • Added limited support for joined tables.  Details in the change log, found in the release. 
  • Thank Chris Chain again for putting us onto a really fantastic drop-in javascript-based calendar for use with date entry. 
  • Added the Toolbox.  Presently only contains some pre-built arrays that could be handy time-savers when constructing common drop-downs. 
  • Reworked GridMonger's parameters a bit to consolidate some, remove others and generally simplify the parameterization process as much as possible. 
  • Fixed what should be the last bugs in Expanded View. 
  • Re-added PreserveSingleQuotes() around the where clause in includes/gm_query2.cfm.  Used to be there but it went AWOL at some point in the life cycle.

July 25, 2003: Version 2.51

  • Added the ability to specify custom help text to go along with custom external actions. 
  • Oops.  Bugs crawled into Expanded View and deletion that needed squashing. 
  • Added more demos given the difference in configuration from previous versions.

July 24, 2003: Version 2.50

  • Help is now context-sensitive and has been expanded to appear on all screens. The system is aware of and accounts for features that may be shut off. 
  • Revised display of buttons and dialogs. 
  • Expanded View is now capable of sensing screen size and limiting grid display to fit onscreen.  Since this relies on javascript, which may be undesirable, this feature can be easily defeated. 
  • Expanded View can now open up in a new window via javascript where window attributes are specified in the js function. 
  • Column sorting can be selectively turned on and off per column. 
  • Page-by-page navigation can be hidden -- handy for grid displays that will always be one screen long, or for a grid that will be placed as an include inside of another CF template. 
  • Custom external actions are now supported.  Tie a GridMonger line-item icon to the template of your choice.  Easily add as many as you want.  Very powerful. 
  • The parameter area, which has grown quite a bit as GM's sophistication has increased, was reorganized. 
  • Reviewed and tightened up the code wherever possible to either improve display, efficiency or adherence to best practices.

July 13, 2003: Version 2.40

  • Added Expanded View.  Ever need a grid that drills down to show a larger field set (i.e. with more data than will fit on screen in a sideways display)?  Use Expanded View. 
  • Spiffed up the full screen displays to use the alternate row coloring.  Also moved the action buttons on these screens to screen top for easier use.

June 30, 2003: Version 2.30

  • Deborah asked if DollarFormat masking would be tough to add.  It wasn't and is now an included feature.

June 16, 2003: Version 2.20

  • Added the NoWrap parameter to allow forced nowrap of table cells where desired (available on a cell-by-cell basis). 
  • Added the AllowFields parameter to allow the field-by-field restriction of what fields will be available for search. 
  • Drop-down arrays now support a separate stored and displayed value for each drop-down option.

May 8, 2003: Version 2.11

  • Oops :-).  Full screen editing works great, but forgot to build a full screen editor for adding records as well.  Fixed.

May 7, 2003: Version 2.10

  • Added:  optional full screen entry mode (i.e. fields are editable on a separate screen, running down the page instead of across it.  Great for grids with lots of fields.  The full screen entry tool automatically upsizes form fields by 1.5x (text fields, textarea columns) or 2x (textarea rows) to make entry less crowded on more roomy full screen windows. 
  • Added support for Date Format fields, to supplement existing Date/Time format. 
  • Added support for field masking for Bit/Boolean type fields (using YesNoFormat().  Masking is optional). 
  • Added support for field masking for both Date and Date/Time fields (masking is optional).

April 24, 2003: Version 2.0

  • Renamed all of the include files so that v1 and v2 grids can coexist in the same installation.
  • Restructured the application to eliminate code duplication when multiple grid installations are in place on a single site.  
  • All persistent variables have been moved off of the url and into client variables.  URL parms are only used when changing something. 
  • Search has been added, along with the ability to selectively enable or disable it (variables.AllowSearch parameter).  Search uses cfqueryparam for security, and as such is relatively complex. 
  • Added type 'D' to the variables.AllowFieldEdit parameter.  This turns a field into a date/time stamp ONLY in a SQL INSERT.
    NOTE:  Your database field must be properly configured to accept the date/time stamp value.  'D' type fields are not editable. 
  • Added type 'T' to the variables.AllowFieldEdit parameter.  This applies a date/time stamp to the record on every SQL UPDATE.
    NOTE:  Your database field must be properly configured to accept the date/time stamp value.  'T' type fields are not editable. 
  • Drop-down select editing fields are now supported:  Added 'S' to variables.EditFieldType:  Each drop-down must have a corresponding array, where that array is named 'request.fieldname' where fieldname is the database field name specified in variables.fields. 
  • If an editable field is a type 4 (cf_sql_timestamp) then the current date/time is autofilled in the insert form. 
  • Added distinction for all four types of supported databases (see the variables.usedb parameter). 
  • Added the NavBGColor parameter to allow independent setting of this area's background color. 
  • Added options to allow graphical submit buttons for Rows, Search and Reset Normal View. 
  • Added pictorial help to the bottom of the grid for all icons. 
  • Added the DisplayType parameter, which presently only allows for output to be displayed as an html link. 
  • Adjusted program flow slightly to eliminate any use of cgi.http_referer, which can cause some unsettling but harmless views if a user were to, for example, select edit, then delete, then cancel the delete. 
  • Thanks to the use of a persistent variable for startrow, GM remembers its place no matter what task is at hand. 
  • Numerous tweaks and rewrites to both cfml and html code.

April 12, 2003

  • Initial Release


The Robertson Team,
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