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  1. Get the tag from the Macromedia Developer's Exchange (linked above).
  2. Go here and download the latest copy of the Milonic menu script.
  3. Unzip all of the files (MenuMongerToo and Milonic) into the same folder.
  4. Enable either the included Access or mySQL database as a datasource on your server.
  5. Specify the name of your datasource in application.cfm.
  6. Load index.cfm into your browser.  It should run immediately.

What you now have is a working example.  Examine the code (the menu making process is governed by two simple files) and database and incorporate it into your own project.  The simple database included with MenuMongerToo is designed to give you what you need to understand its 'pre-building' concept without any extra baggage. 

For a full-fledged content management application check out our ContentMonger Pro system, which uses a much more complex version of this routine inside of itself.


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