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Shows a way to build an unlimited-depth, unlimited-capacity, fully data-driven HeirMenus / ColdFusion menuing system. Its build method is unique and worth looking at on its own: The menu is pre-built and stored for visitor use by the system administrator on an as-needed basis.

Users who visit your pages access this pre-built menu rather than building their own on every page visit. This shifts a huge load off of both your database system and ColdFusion.

How much is gained? MenuMonger was originally developed for use in our ContentMonger Pro content management system. During development we found templates that formerly executed in the 650-750 ms range dropped to 90-120 ms.

Includes an Access database and simple setup instructions.

NOTE:  When the new owners of HeirMenus began demanding what we considered to be ridiculous prices to license the menu script, we dropped support for this tag.  It may still work with current HierMenus releases, but then again it may not.  We strongly recommend Milonic dhtml menus.

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