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January 1, 2004

While our statistics for the month show an increase in both mail volume and delivery rate (and a fat increase in viruses) , you should have seen a dramatic decrease in the You Have Spam messages in your inbox, and our monthly statistics bear this conclusion out.

Once again we made major system upgrades (on December 20th).  Our antispam system should presently be as close to a brick wall as we can get it.  My own You Have Spam volume has gone from about 150 per day to maybe 15.  That means the system is much more certain of itself and is deleting mail that was formerly classed as 'maybe spam'.  Its also much better at leaving the genuine-but-screwed-up mail alone.  Still, don't forget the importance of your personal whitelists!

Cool Stuff:
Tamsen Munger, a long-time favorite client, has a new web site.  Since we launched it in mid-November our sitebuilding system has rocketed her products to the top of Google and Yahoo.  Look here and here for a couple of her many #1 Google listings.  This one on Yahoo even beat out Ebay for the #1 spot. 

Our own new site has gotten the same benefits.  Here's one Yahoo search where we hit the top almost immediately, knocking the software manufacturer (Macromedia) off of #1 and taking their place. 

We're really looking forward to doing the same for Elizabeth Knapp when we relaunch her site in a few days.

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

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