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Grabs the complete contents from any web page, returning everything between the and tags. Originally created to expose html so our clients could build EBay® auction pages with a simple click and drag operation.

We needed a quick-and-dirty way to give people with no technical knowledge the ability to cut and paste a web page into an ebay seller form

Part one of the project was to build a simple product display page that fit within EBay's guidelines. Once we did that, Part 2 centered around finding a way to give a merchant the ability to quickly and easily grab the html code necessary for them to plug in on their EBay sellers' forms.

The PageMonger tag is very simple and straightforward. You can take the value it returns and do just about anything with it. Which brings up an important point: This tag was created to help people better use their own web sites to do other things to increase their online profitability. The fact that this tool exists does not under any circumstances make it legal, ethical or acceptable in any way, shape or form to draw content from another web site where you do not have the express permission to do so. Copyright law is here for a reason. Do not violate it.

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