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Do we REALLY need Yet Another Color Picker, when there are already so many out there?

The correct answer is Yes   Take a look at PaletteMonger.  We developed it when we needed something more robust for the upcoming revision to MenuMonger Pro.  Something better than even the for-pay stuff that is out there.

  • Displays web-safe colors and ...
  • Displays shades of Grey and ...
  • Displays the Named Colors (and inserts them as hex codes)
  • Handy color preview
  • Insert foreground, background colors individually
  • Set it to run only with foreground or background if you like
  • Use more than one on a page.
  • oh... and its free.

...Is really easy.  Two working example files -- one simple with one field, the other more complex and accessing multiple ones -- are included in the download.

System requirements
Works in any javascript-enabled browser.  Client variables must be enabled in your application.  Works on CF 4.5+

Get Your Copy
Its available here for free at the Adobe Developers Exchange

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