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"The fixity of a habit is generally in direct proportion to it's absurdity."
- Proust
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QuoteMonger is an extremely simple random quote generator. Functionally, its ideal both in its simplicity (only 17 lines of actual code make up the quote engine's 32-line total -- The rest are comments) and its light use of resources (100 ms total access time and only two db queries).

I had originally planned on creating a db interface allowing you to add/edit/delete quotes, but since I've handed over nearly three thousand quotes at the get-go, I figure its not worth the trouble. This list is already It.

Why is QuoteMonger Here?
Just for fun! This program is not intended for anything other than personal use.

Its scary, but if I start counting I have been sitting on some of these files for more than 15 years. They've been gathering digital dust ever since the MS-DOS 2.x and 3.x programs they were originally created for (and released into the public domain with) went the way of the snaggle-toothed tiger (whatever). They deserve a re-release...

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