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Calculates shipping charges based on total amount of sale, just like traditional printed catalog shipping rates. Allows the merchant to decide what shipping carrier to use on any given order at any time.

Supports 3 shipping plans, but more can easily be added. An admin utility is included so rates can be modified online, along with the necessary Access database.

Easy to use as-is, or modify it to make your own custom shipping rate application.

What if a merchant wants to retain their independence and ability to choose the right shipper for any given job, while at the same time keeping the ability to adjust their shipping rates whenever needed? ShipMonger was developed when several clients came to us and asked for this ability after they discovered that their current shipping service was discontinuing their existing online API.

The cutting-edge solution isn't always the best one. Catalog shipping has been around -- and profitable -- for about 100 years. How could pre-Web vendors manage to sell products and make money without the supposedly essential real-time tie-in to the shipper?

Catalog shippers typically charge a shipping rate based on the overall currency value of the sale. While not perfect, value-based shipping dominates the catalog industry for good reason: it is easy for the customer ato understand, has the fewest conceptual flaws and is the easiest to implement.

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