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  • Compatible with ColdFusion 4.5.1 up to ColdFusion 6.1.
  • Regularly monitors HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and POP3 targets on any number of servers (on the port of your choice per target). 
  • Sends an email alert to up to three different addresses when the server goes down (or a much larger number of addresses if you feed it a comma-delimited list).
  • Sends another set of email alerts when the server comes back up again.
  • Allows an optional alarm ''lag'', which delays the email alerts by one test interval. Allows you to sleep undisturbed if your server is able to automatically restart the failed service.
  • Allows up to two optional ''blackout'' periods per server target of user-determined duration. This allows you to sleep undisturbed during both your target and test servers' regular maintenance cycle.
  • Directly supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i (table creation templates for each platform included).
  • Email alerts are extremely brief for compatibility with email pagers and cellular phones.
    Email alerts can be as long as you like, and can include html, to allow you to send a detailed message to your server's support staff, for example.
  • Provides an activity report which tracks every generated result. User specified purge settings automatically remove old data, or disable logging completely.
  • Can easily monitor multiple targets on any number of servers from a single tag installation.
  • Includes a test mode to force email messages to be sent so you can confirm your CFSCHEDULE operation was initialized as expected.
  • Logs outages on the test server. An optional email can be sent notifying you of test server restarts in addition to entries in the database log.
  • New in v2.0: The optional MailBomb feature sends an alert at each failed test interval:  If you're a deep sleeper turn this on.

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