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Version 3.0 Now Available

SitePeeker is a replacement for commercial server monitoring services. Monitor your sites at close intervals (whatever you specify) for free with SitePeeker, or pay around US$80 per target, per month with a commercial service.  With SitePeeker, all you need is a reliable hosting account separate from your target server(s).

Why Its Here
SitePeeker is was developed by a server administrator who needs info, but has been there and done that with regard to the false alarms associated with test server glitches, momentary lapses in upstream connnectivity etc. that aren't related to server health and the admin's peace of mind.

We wrote SitePeeker so we could use it ourselves, and we have relied on it now for years of trouble-free operation.  It is what it is because it does everything we need.  If you need something more, feel free to contact us and ask.

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