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  • As you pile on tests in tagcaller.cfm, bear in mind that you are creating a potentially long-running ColdFusion template. Don't overdo it. If you have a lot of targets, create multiple CFSCHEDULEd calls, and break the scheduling up a bit.
  • The Retry settings are great, but don't overdo them, either. If you are testing a target and specify a retry of 3 and a timeout of 60, then it will take four minutes (4000 ms) for the target to fail. If you are testing multiple targets on the same server in the same tagcaller.cfm, then you could have a test that takes longer to fail than the interval between the current CFSCHEDULED test and the beginning of the next one. This will choke the life out of your server rather quickly if your target server goes down, as well as make your ISP very annoyed.
  • For a 4-test tagcaller.cfm, we have found a retry of 1, retry lag of 1 and a timeout of 10 to be sufficient to provide reliable testing, while keeping the load profile low at a cheapie $19.95/month ISP.  However, a 10-second retry period can be too tight if the server is experiencing heavy traffic.  Experiment!
  • For the ultimate in security, have SitePeeker run on both servers, each testing the other. Your test server should have your full suite of tests running on it.  The live server's test back to the test server should be minimal; just a simple http test to a ColdFusion template to ensure it is up and running.  This is especially important if you are running SitePeeker from an always-on broadband connection at your home, where you don't have the kind of failover monitoring and protection present at an ISP.   
    Of course, this is complete overkill.  I don't even do this   

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