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TreeMonger is a small demonstration app that illustrates how to build a simple yet powerful Explorer tree-style menu structure.  Check it out, pick it apart and integrate its principles into your own project.

  • The tree is persistent.  Choices remain open or closed, just as you left them -- even between visits.
  • Renders in simple HTML, so there are no browser compatibility issues.
  • Click on icon expands the selection without altering the page location.  Click on the page title to go to the desired page.
  • Simple ColdFusion code needs only client management to maintain state.  Easily converts to use session management if you like.
  • Only two ColdFusion templates control the whole show. 
  • Comes with a sample Access database pre-populated with data.  Just unzip, enable the datasource, name it in /Application.cfm and run /demo.cfm.

TreeMonger's interface has been kept simple and clean.  However, if you want you can rework its simple layout into something much prettier as your needs dictate.

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