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[As our business moved away from ecommerce and our workload piled up to a never-ending backlog, some freebies had to go.  UPSRateMonger was a casualty of this set of circumstances.  However you are welcome to update the built-in database and unencrypted code with current rates.  There is quite a lot hiding inside that is meant to speed the update process.]

Version 5.0 released December 22, 2003 

UPSR Calculates UPS rates using rates downloaded from and placed in a database on your own web site. Since all the rate tables are on your site, you remain independently functional (and do not violate UPS' site use licensing by pulling content from their rating API... which they are also free to change whenever they please).

The present version supports shipping (weights up to 150 lbs) to destinations in all 50 U.S. states (currently excluding intra-Alaska and intra-Hawaii shipments), Canada and worldwide destinations from U.S. origin points.

All you need to implement your own solution is import your own zone table (and a Canadian one if shipping to Canada), available at the UPS web site.


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