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How Do I Import A Zone Table?

Version 2.50 introduced a simple form-based interface for directly importing raw UPS zone files. This is essentially just a front end to an import routine originally created by Mary Jo Sminkey at CFWebStore.

  1. Go here and retrieve the CSV-text files for all of the origin-point zone tables you require (you will only need one unless your products are shipping from various locations in the U.S.). If you are shipping to Canada be sure to get all needed Canadian zone tables from here (again, you should need only one unless you ship from multiple warehouses).
  2. When you unzipped the distribution file it created a folder named ''admin''. Load this folder's index.cfm file into your web browser.
  3. Click on the U.S. to U.S. zone creator. Specify the datasource and the CSV file and click ''Go''. Repeat this for as many shipping origin points as needed (If CFREGISTRY is enabled on your server you will be shown a list of all installed datasources to choose from. Otherwise you must type in the DSN name yourself).
  4. Repeat the previous step for any/all Canadian zone tables.

The Admin interface for zone files allows a user to create tables and import data into a datasource on your system. Don't leave these files on a production server without taking appropriate security precautions.

It is best if you leave the checkbox ''I am not using multiple origin ship points'' UNchecked no matter what the answer to this question is.  Leaving the box UNchecked causes the table creation subsystem to automatically assign a zone table name based on the import file name.  The checkbox is only provided to allow compatibility with older versions of UPSRateMonger.

The import utility was designed to work with MS Access. If you use another db platform and are even moderately familiar with its datatypes you can easily customize this utility to import directly into your chosen db platform.


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