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Where We Work

So where does the work get done?  When working in cyberspace, you can get awfully creative.  Rather than give a straight answer just now (pix of the regular office are forthcoming after Christmas, when some new artwork will be in) lets look at my favorite work area instead. 

Due to a combination of family and friends being in the area, I spend a lot of time in Monterey, California.  A place people the world over flock to see.  And for good reason.  Its gorgeous there, with a temperate climate (very similar to the British Isles, I'm told) and unmatched scenery.  I've got more or less a secret spot on Ocean View Boulevard, which is at almost the very tip of the Monterey Peninsula.  I'll set up my laptop, fire up the cell phone and do business there for as long as the battery power lasts.  I've had clients ask what all the noise was.  Its always fun to say that its the surf breaking about 20 feet away.

Take a look

What the pictures (taken December 14, 2003)  don't show:  Just on the other side of my workbench is the Pacific Ocean, but about 15 feet further out is another small set of rocks that break the surf; which is very helpful as seawater and electronics don't react well together.

On the day these pics were taken, the surf was too heavy to go out and get a view 'from the office'.  The water you see on the ground is seawater and not rainwater (in fact, officers of the Pacific Grove Police Department cordoned the area off and kicked me out moments after these pics were shot).  The next time we're out, we'll get some decent birds-eye views.

Helpful Hint:
Working outdoors in winter? Surgical gloves are perfect handwarmers that don't interfere with operating the keyboard.

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