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Whats With This 'Preview' Business?

Put simply, AMPro2's code is reasonably mature and has been in production use at client sites for some time.  However, writing the software is the easy part.  Documenting it -- writing the instruction manuals -- is a giant, time-consuming pain. 

We have numerous tutorials and a Flash video devoted to AMPro 1.x.  We really went to a lot of trouble to explain everything.  Now, that has to be done over and it will take time.  Since AMPro is easy to figure out, there's no reason for us not to release it in advance of the instruction manual, considering that one already exists that -- conceptually at least -- already answers all of the questions about how things work.

Anyone who knows AMPro 1.x will immediately be able to recognize the benefit of the new system:  No more moving around from grid to grid.  You can get to things immediately, and concepts are easier to grasp if you have everything on one screen, right in front of your face.

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