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AccessMonger Pro


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AccessMonger Pro is full-featured access control system that goes WAY beyond AccessMonger Lite.  AMPro can either be simply configured and quickly dropped in, or woven deeply into your code, line by line.


  • Easy, instant self-installer for MS Access, MS SQL Server and mySQL (Oracle available on request).
  • Groups (unlimited), Permissions and Anti-Permissions (unlimited) and simple Tiers (no limit again).  Use any mix of types at your option.
  • Add users automatically with your desired profiles, either as a part of your existing registration process or via mass-import from your existing user database.
  • Self-service hint/answer authentication for password reset (passwords are NOT sent via email), with automated setup of the hint/answer.
  • Lockouts for too many login attempts. Lockouts self-expire.
  • Create default user profiles that contain any mix of groups and permissions. Assign a profile to a user and customize the user's profile individually.
  • Protect an entire template with a simple include, or work group/tier/permission control in line by line for granular control of anything and everything.
  • Multiple logins from the same user are disallowed by default.  Allow them with a simple setting in the user's profile record.
  • Who's On application lets you see who is logged in, who is just visiting, what page they are on and more, including forced logoffs. 
  • Strong passwords enforced automatically (i.e. mixed-case with numerals; with min length).  Also includes an online-editable restriction list of excluded passphrases.
  • Default 90-day password expiration can be reset to any period, or to never expire.
  • Comprehensive audit log tracks who tried to do what.
  • Protects against brute force attacks:  Sensitive information is salted, hashed, thrashed and smashed to protect your data (the story of what it *really* does is available to registered users).
  • Protection from Cross-Site-Scripting, SQL Injection, off-site form submits.  
  • Closing browser kills session, or set AMPro to keep ColdFusion's default behavior.
  • Compatibility with ColdFusion 5.0+

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