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Current version: 4.82
Registered users can still upgrade for free

GridBuilder works with our extremely popular GridMonger tool to automate your grid production.  GridBuilder takes your form-based inputs and builds the ColdFusion code that makes up your grid config file.

No more stumbling around and no more typos.  Create GridMonger grids in a few minutes, on the first try. 

GridBuilder is licensed at US$10 per developer.

As a side benefit all of your grid configurations are stored in a centralized database, making changes a snap.  Plus, if you build your grids with GridBuilder, our updaters will upgrade your stored grid configs to work with whatever we come up with next.

Did you already buy GridBuilder?  Want an upgrade?  Use your registered user login and go get the new files.  Upgrades are free (we can't promise that will always be true but we've had no problem sticking to that policy up to now and don't plan on ever changing it).

READ THIS PART... THIS MEANS YOU!  Make sure your Paypal email account works and will accept html email from theking(at) via  Otherwise we cannot send your login email to you and you will have to contact us to make other arrangements.  Once you have logged in you will be able to access the GridBuilder download.  If you need multiple licenses, contact us and we will send you a purchase form that matches your exact license count.

At its heart, GridBuilder is largely just a GridMonger application with extra ColdFusion thrown in to robo-create the ColdFusion code your grid will use, as well as perform a host of other maintenance functions. 

  • Create a grid, store it, delete it or make a copy of one grid for use in creating another.
  • Uses an included Access (2000) database, which already includes numerous sample grids.
  • Tested on ColdFusion MX 6.1 and 7, but since its just a GridMonger application, should work on all CF platforms back to CF 5 and maybe even CF 4.5.1 with a little tweaking.

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