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How Do I Install It?
  1. Buy it.  If your Paypal transaction is backed by a credit card you will receive a nearly instant login from our system with instructions on how to download your software.
  2. Unzip it to a folder off of your web root.
  3. Create a new datasource in ColdFusion (or use an existing one). 
  4. Run the installer.  We've made it very simple.  Either run/index.cfm or /install/index.cfm.  Here's a picture of what it looks like.
  5. COPY DOWN the critical encryption key setting in /Application.cfm that is displayed onscreen.  The AMPro installer writes a custom /Application.cfm to your specified root for you; setting up all needed parameters based on the above information so you won't have to worry about typos in the code.  It will also create a secret key that only you will know.  Don't lose it!
  6. Enter the admin area.  You should be able to simply click a link after the installer finishes and be delivered to a fully working system, complete with sample users.  Change the default admin's password right away.  The users in this dummy system use simple tiers. 
  7. learn about using AMPro's tiers, roles and groups in the Registered Users Area.  You will also find illustrated instructions on how to work each type of AMPro permission into your code.

Installer Requirements

  • CFFILE (read and write) to read a file in the install folder and (over)write the root /Application.cfm with the settings you choose.
  • ExpandPath() is needed to accomplish the above as well.
  • CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX sql operations must be allowed by your dsn connection.
  • INSERT sql operations must be allowed by your dsn connection to populate the user table with sample data.
  • Client and session management.

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