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System Requirements
  • ColdFusion 5 and up.
    • CFFILE (read and write) is required (but only in two places, making it easy to substitute in your ISP's CFX-based secure file manager). 
    • GetDirectoryFromPath() in the installer
    • ExpandPath in the installer
    • CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX sql operations (and CREATE SEQUENCE if you are using Oracle) must be allowed by your datasource connection if you choose to build the tables with this installer (optionally, you can install on your dev server and upload files and migrate data to your live box).
    • INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT sql operations must be allowed by your datasource connection.
    • AMPro requires both client and session management be enabled.
  • Runs on MS Access and mySQL.
  • Should run fine on MS SQL Server (using upsized MS Access tables).
  • Oracle-compatible installer available on request.

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