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Which Version of AMPro Should I Use?

Short answer: Use AMPro 2.x!

 AMPro comes in two versions.

  • Version 1.07.  This is the last 'official' production release.  AMPro 1.0x is compatible back to ColdFusion 5+ and uses GridMonger for its user interface.While functional, using grids to move from table to table is cumbersome.  However, simple economic reality dictated it was not possible to put a $1000 administrative user interface into a $30 product.  Thus GridMonger was used to provide a quick interface to AMPro's tables and features.
  • Version 2.0x is labelled as a 'Technology Preview', but the reality is that it is indeed production code.  v2.x is AMPro 1.0x with the aforementioned $1000 administrative interface grafted into it, along with a few other improvements.  We negotiated intellectual property rights on a customization job that utilized AMPro at its core and now include that seriously powerful interface in the AMPro product... without raising the product's price.

AMPro 2.x has been in continuous use since 2005.  Its not new code by any stretch.  If anything it is in far greater use than 1.0x.   While the tutorials all assume a 1.0x interface, the reality is that most developers are able to look at v2.x and immediately see where everything fits together.  All we have really done is move what was once on three or four screens and put it all in front of your face in the same view. 

If you want to move from screen to screen to screen to do things then fine.  Use 1.0x.  Its still a good product and there's nothing wrong with it.  v2.x had a big bankroll behind it that you can benefit from if you choose to do so. 

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