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February 3, 2004

This month, once again, we have made changes to the antispam system.  This time the changes were major and dramatic, in that we dropped the rule-based system that we have used for the last two years and implemented an entirely new one on January 30th.

The new system is easier to use and, more importantly, quickly adaptable.  Systems like this one are effectively the latest generation of spamfighting tools available.

The new system takes a bit of training to get it to recognize your trusted network of senders (Many of them it will leave alone, whether trusted or not, based on inoffensive or un-spam-like message content).  Simple instructions on how to do this are located here

Generally speaking you will literally have to do nothing, but its probably a good idea to manually whitelist the newsletters you subscribe to.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

  Matt Robertson    1.559.360.1717

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