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GridBuilder vs. GridMonger

We remain committed to keeping the free GridMonger just that:  Free and very, very cool. 

However, unquestionably our focus has shifted to GridBuilder and support of GridBuilder users.  GridBuilder users may get access to versions of GridMonger that are unavailable to the public.  Plus they get automated upgraders that let them keep up with a minimum of fuss.

Before anyone freaks out:  Yes we do indeed plan on releasing all features found in the GridBuilder versions of GridMonger.  However, making these releases is sort of a pain.  GridMonger is built into several other applications that we distribute, and if we release a new free GM we have to update all of those other applications, too.

Because of this, we will wait on public releases until we either accumulate enough new features to warrant a public release, or we find some other compelling reason to do a code update (like squashing a nasty bug).

What we won't do is wait on making cool new features available to the GridBuilder community.  If you want the latest and greatest, become a GridBuilder registered user.

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