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How do default form field values work?

In GridMonger you can specify a default value for a form field, so its auto-filled automatically when a user clicks the 'Add Record' icon.  As a general rule, if whatever you want will fit inside of an Evaluate() statement (regardless of whether it needs to be evaluated or not) then you can use it.

  • A default value can be entered as a single variable name. Specify the variable's contents somewhere in your own ColdFusion programming.  For example: request.myDefault.
  • A default value can be entered as a literal value.  Enter the value in the field and surround it with single quote marks.  For example: 'This is my Default'.
  • Do not surround a variable name in pound signs.
  • If using variables, use one only. You cannot concatenate multiple variables (i.e. no "FirstName & " " & LastName")

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