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ZIPMonger does ZIP Code radius searches, returning a list of the surrounding ZIP codes that are within a given mileage radius of your origin point. 

ZIPMonger is different from other available tools because of its performance.  It uses only two fast queries to do its work, and one CFLOOP.  As a result, performance is phenomenal compared to other, similar tools.  On the order of 10 to 100 times faster

Plus, ZIPMonger is portable to ANY ZIP code database.  All other ZIP radius tags are hardwired to work with a particular database or field structure.  ZIPMonger works with anything since you specify datasource, table and field parameters in your tag call.

PLUS you can tune ZIPMonger's performance.  The MaxRadius parameter is used to limit the records returned by your ZIP code destination lookup query - which is the real performance drain of any ZIP code radius system.

ZIPMonger's ZIP code search algorithm is based on the one used in the popular FreeZip tag.  However, ZIPMonger is much more efficient and as a result runs a lot faster.

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